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Dashboards provide a visual display of the data scanned by ProwlerPro and are linked to the database that contains all the security findings. ProwlerPro dashboards give total visibility into an enviromnent's AWS security posture to enable users to quickly identify trends and make knowledgeable decisions regarding the environment.

HOME Dashboard

The HOME dashboard is displayed when a user logs into ProwlerPro and shows an overview of the account's security status based on Prowler checks.

At the top of each dashboard, user's can configure filters via dynamic variables to choose the data they want displayed. For example AWS Account, Assessment Date and AWS Region filters on the top left:

ProwlerPro contains several alternate dashboards to visually represent the security assessments. Click the List of Dashboards dropdown menu to view other dashboards:

Additional filters can be found on the top right of the dashboard:

  • Accounts and services audited
  • The checks executed and the total results, grouped by fails, allowlisted findings and passes
  • Count of records by result, severity and region
  • Count of failures by AWS services
  • Global security status per region
  • Affected Resources by Check ID
  • Security posture evolution representing an historic security status

    NOTE: The time range of this graph can be changed in the top right corner:

Aggregated AWS Accounts

The Aggregated AWS Accounts dashboard represents the records per account detailing the type of severity (critical, high, medium, low and info) and status (pass, fail and info).

Currently the ProwlerPro free tier SaaS only includes a single account per customer.


This dashboard contains pie charts representing the results of the checks, grouping them by compliance standards such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, SOC2 and more.

Simple Status by AWS Services

The Simple Status by AWS Services dashboard shows the security status per AWS service that ProwlerPro scans. Green indicates that all checks were passed in that service, and red indicates one or more checks in that service failed.

Attack Surface

The Attack Surface dashboard shows the security posture based on attack vectors, and is currently grouped by:

  • Internet Exposed resources
  • Exposed Secrets
  • Custom Managed IAM Policies that may lead into Privilege Escalation
  • EC2 Instances with Metadata Service Version 1 (IMDSv1) enabled

Table of Check Results Detailed

The Table of Check Results Detailed dashboard shows detailed information for all of the checks: AWS Account Number, AWS Region, AWS Service Name, Resource ID, Check ID and Check Title as well as the Result, Severity and Remediation.

Check List

The Check List dashboard shows a list of all the checks launched on a specified Assesment Date.