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How much does the ProwlerPro service cost?

  • We charge $0.001 per resource scanned per day.
  • Resource can be scanned multiple times the same day at no additional charge. No matter how many times resources get scanned each day, you will pay $0.001 per resource per day.
  • If your usage costs less than $10/month, we won’t send a bill for that month.

Sample Cost Table

Calculating what you will pay with ProwlerPro is very straightforward, here are some examples:

Resources Scanned per Day Monthly Bill (USD) Accumulated Resources Scanned per Month (30 days) Yearly Cost (USD)
500,000 or more CONTACT US 15,000,000 CONTACT US
100,000 $3,000 3,000,000 $36,000
50,000 $1,500 1,500,000 $18,000
10,000 $300 300,000 $3,600
5,000 $150 150,000 $1,800
1,000 $30 30,000 $360
500 $15 15,000 $180
400 $12 12,000 $144
300 FREE 9,000 FREE
150 FREE 4,500 FREE
50 FREE 1,500 FREE

Pricing FAQ

What is included for free in ProwlerPro?

  • You will have full access to all features.
  • We will scan and show results for 10,000 resources per month (ie. 333 resources scanned per day during a month).

How does ProwlerPro pricing work?

  • The first 15 days are free and not taken into account when billing.
  • After 15 days you will be asked to move to a paid account, or stay in the free tier if your number of resources scanned are less than 10,000.

What do we mean by “resource”?

  • ProwlerPro runs checks against your infrastructure. Those checks look for miss-configurations, security bad practices, etc. in your cloud resources (a cloud resource is a virtual machine, a security group, a bucket, a storage volume, etc). Each resource gets scanned in different ways by ProwlerPro every day, so we charge based on number of resources vs number of scans because we think it is the most accurate and fair way to bill. Your ProwlerPro overall costs will depend on your size and cloud usage.

  • We count all resources together no matter if you have one AWS account or multiple accounts scanned in your ProwlerPro user (the multi-account feature will be available soon).

  • The list of all supported services can be found at the bottom os this page.

What about “ephemeral resources” in the cloud?

  • The cloud is, in some cases, an environment that changes constantly based on business needs. When it comes to counting resources, ProwlerPro does count them everyday based on the findings executed against the infrastructure so the bill will be based on those findings at the time they are executed. It accumulates the number of resources scanned per day to generate the monthly bill.

  • For customers with eventual thousands of ephemeral resources, please reach out to our Sales team to find the best pricing model for you: [email protected].

What happens after 15 days of trial period if I will have more than 10,000 scanned per month?

  • ProwlerPro will show you the number of resources scanned and potential cost everyday. This will show if you will pass the 10,000 resource limit based on your infrastructure.

  • Then you can decide to stay in the free tier with the 10,000 limitation (you won’t see results for new scans once passed that number of scanned resources each month) or move up to the paid tier.

What happens when I cancel my paid subscription?

  • After cancellation you will be in our free plan, and subject to those limits. You will have access to all scan results received during your paid and trial period.

  • You may subscribe again at any time.

Note: we won’t delete your data unless you delete your account.

What happens when I delete my ProwlerPro account? (Paid or free)

  • We stop scanning your account(s).

  • You lose access to your reports and data.

  • We remove all your data.

  • Customer will need to manually remove the ProwlerPro IAM role from the scanned account(s).

What happens if my credit card stops working?

  • We won’t be able to charge you, so you will be downgraded to free tier (Note: we won’t delete your account or data).

  • You may add a valid card again at any time to move back to paid tier.

  • We will keep your data for 3 months grace period if you need time.

I have multiple AWS accounts and thousands of resources, can I have a planned expense or flat rate or a discount?

Can I get a ProwlerPro subscription through the AWS Marketplace?

  • We are working to have it listed on the AWS Marketplace and AWS GovCloud Marketplace.

List of Supported Services

  1. accessanalyzer
  2. account
  3. acm
  4. apigateway
  5. appstream
  6. autoscaling
  7. cloudformation
  8. cloudfront
  9. cloudtrail
  10. cloudwatch
  11. codeartifact
  12. codebuild
  13. config
  14. directoryservice
  15. dynamodb
  16. ec2
  17. ecr
  18. ecs
  19. efs
  20. eks
  21. elb
  22. elbv2
  23. emr
  24. glacier
  25. glue
  26. guardduty
  27. iam
  28. kms
  29. lambda
  30. macie
  31. opensearch
  32. rds
  33. redshift
  34. route53
  35. s3
  36. sagemaker
  37. secretsmanager
  38. securityhub
  39. shield
  40. sns
  41. sqs
  42. ssm
  43. trustedadvisor
  44. vpc
  45. workspaces