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  • I completed my onboarding but I see no data on the dashboards, what can I do?
    ProwlerPro takes several minutes to complete the first scan. Check the Scan Status progress bar on the OVERVIEW tab. Once the scan starts, information will start to populate the dashboards.

  • When I click on the test connection button I see one of the following connection errors:

    Make sure that you correctly deploy our role by using either the Terraform or CloudFormation template, available in our GitHub repository.

    Also check if your AWS Security Token Service (STS) has the EU (Ireland) endpoint active. If not we will not be able to connect to your AWS account.

    If that is the case your STS configuration may look like this:

    To solve this issue, please activate the EU (Ireland) STS endpoint.

  • How can I add another AWS account to ProwlerPro?
    Currently only a single AWS account per customer is included in the free tier SaaS. If you would like an extended version of the service, please email the ProwlerPro Sales Team at [email protected]

  • Where to get ProwlerPro help?
    Email the ProwlerPro Support Team at, which will open a help ticket and a member of our team will contact you.

  • How do I delete my account?
    Email the ProwlerPro Support Team at with the subject "Request to Erase". Once submitted your User information will be deleted from ProwlerPro's online and backup systems within 10 calendar days of receiving the request. Also refer to Data Retention Policy.